Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trying a New Medium

Yesterday, I spent the day experimenting with oil pastels that I bought recently to fill the time on a long train trip home from Washington, DC to Vermont. Unlike soft pastels, there is no need use a fixative so I was able to work without filling the air with nasty chemicals.

Back in my studio, I pulled them out again.  I began drawing on paper, tried a canvas board, a small stretched canvas and then a piece of pine.  The surface of the pine board was most pleasing.  I created an under painting with shades of red, orange, and yellow before creating the landscape.  With the drawing finished, I used brushes and Qtips to apply both linseed oil and walnut oil in order to further blend the colors. The oils give the finished piece the look of an oil paintings.

Inspired by the vibrant colors, I ordered a proper set of artist quality oil pastels.      To be continued!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Market, To Market

Creating a painting is only one part of being an artist.  Getting painting out into the world is another.. With that in mind I have decided to submit three  paintings for consideration to Studio Place Arts in Barre, Vermont for their upcoming 12 x 12 (inches) show that will run from June 16 through July 25.

These flowers were painted at the Vermont Studio Center during my January residency. 

The Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont is a place like no other,  an artists' colony where visual artist and writers  work, recharge their creative battery, and live in community. 

While there,  I began to work with soft pastels, created small sculptures with found material, (including the beetle I posted earlier, worked on a series of oil paintings, including this one, painted with a very dark pallet, ate incredible meals, had wonderful conversations with many residents and returned home energized, inspired and rested. 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Completed Poster

With an image chosen, the landscape inspired by a valley in France, I turned to my computer and Photoshop to create the logo.

I began by cropping  and adding the dark border.  I tried a number of filters and settled on the Artistic filter surprisingly called --- Poster!

Then I spot edited the image, removing excessive dark spots and lightening the sky.

I used the font called Matisse because it conveyed the spirit of the event and worked well with image.

My husband, Charles, suggested that the house in the foreground should 'go away' and the field behind the text be lightened.  With that accomplished through the magic of cloning and selective color replacement, I added a credit line and declared the logo finished, at least until it is reviewed by the Bookstock planning committee.

Start a Poster

I am designing the logo for Bookstock: The Green Mountain Festival of Words.  A collaboration of the Norman Williams Library, The Historical Society, Pentangle, The North Universalist Chapel Society, The Thompson Center, and other community organizations in Woodstock, Vermont. There will be upwards of fifteen literary events, in a number of venues in the village of Woodstock, during the first weekend in August. 

My process began with a search for images of books, mountains and valleys.  I looked at clip art and played with text.  Unsatisfied by what I found, I turned to digital images of my oil paintings and was inspired by the  landscape of a valley in France posted above. Now its time to turn to my computer and Photoshop.  

I'll post the final image, at least final for the moment, when I'm satisfied.